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i wanna be jackie onassis [userpic]
by i wanna be jackie onassis (wonkothesane42)
at August 25th, 2006 (09:11 am)

current mood: Busy Like Woah
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MO Con3
Friday - Sunday, October 20-22, 2006
[near] Hermann, MO

MO Con is Mo' Betta
Once again it's that time... for MO Con! We're bringin it on again again, with mo' districts, mo' monkeys and mo' mad fun, but now with less heat. Let's face it, camping in July was a silly idea; there's just no such thing as summertime fresh. We've moved things to October so we can enjoy the nice fall weather and the lovely Missouri outdoors. So let's all make this the biggest, baddest, sickest MO Con ever! It's way more fufilling than some of those other cheesey sequels out there, I promise.

For those that haven't been around the last two years and are asking themselves "Well just what is MO Con, anyway?", it's only the coolest UU young adult campout in the history of everything. Set in 700 beautiful acres of rural Missouri, we've got hiking, swimming, good company around the camp fire and star-filled skies. Co-deaned by the indomitable and indestructible hero team of Myke w/ a Y and Marcus Cooley, it's sure to be filled with the patented brand of antics and spirituality that only we can provide. Don't you even think about staying home. We'll do our best to make this as child / family / pet / generally accessible as it is possible, so don't be afraid to speak up about any needs you might have.

You can register for MO Con on ConnectUU.com, and then help us spread the word! Please let me know if you have any ?uestions; you can contact me at M2theC@Gmail.com or 314.646.0757 . Just as a note, I'm currently fighting bugs in ConnectUU and can't actually edit or update anything. I'll try to get that worked out as best I can, but for now you'll have to register or get in touch with me if you want any more information than is currently posted.



PS: Fotoes from last year! Mine are here; fotoes from FUUSE are here