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i wanna be jackie onassis [userpic]
by i wanna be jackie onassis (wonkothesane42)
at August 25th, 2006 (10:07 am)

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A message from the C*UUYAN Steering Committee Facilitator, Mary Manchester:

Attention leaders and conference attendees!

There is one Conferences Planning Committee At-Large position open, which the Steering Committee will be appointing next Tuesday, August 29. The appointed member will serve a two-year term on the C*UUYAN Conferences Planning Committee, beginning immediately.

The Conferences Planning Committee (CPC) is a standing committee of the C*UUYAN Steering Committee, charged with creating and supporting the major C*UUYAN conferences, making policy, providing resources to leaders, identifying individuals' gifts and skills, and fostering trust in order to advance a spiritually alive, justice centered young adult community. Each At-Large person brings her/his/per own skills and interests to the position, and is expected to work with the rest of the CPC to identify their area of focus. The role and tasks of At-Large Members may include general flexibility, defined by current specific needs, available to step in as needed and able, working closely with CPC Chair and Liaisons, be on all of the planning list serves, empowered to research and bring forth ideas, model teamwork, participation, and leadership at events.

CPC At-Large members participate in the Conferences Planning Committee through twice-yearly in-person meetings and regular email and phone conversations. All expenses (travel, food, phone charges) related to meetings and conferences will be paid by C*UUYAN.

The CPC At-Large members are responsible, along with the CPC Facilitator, for the "In-Between Day", the 24+ hours between Opus and ConCentric, regarding food, supplemental community activities, site logistics and sleeping assignments along with the registration for ConCentric Reps.

One or two persons from the CPC At-larges and/or the CPC Facilitator is responsible fill the position if any of the 3 conference Facilitators resign or are removed from their position according to the dropping-the-ball policy.

TO APPLY: Please send a bio and description of your vision for this position, no longer than one page, to the Steering Committee via email to ideas@uuyan.org no later than Monday, August 28 at 10:00PM.

--CUUYAN Steering Committee